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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Looking at 664 Pacific: official rendering, more imposing perspective from model, and context from EIS document

The two-days-late released slideshow (also bottom) from Marvel Architects on the 664 Pacific development, aka B15, has some interesting perspectives that add to the very flattering official rendering (left).

The official rendering pictures the tower from the southwest on Dean Street, downplaying the scale of a 272-foot building plopped down next to four-story buildings.

By contrast, the screenshot below shows the tower looking northwest. Even this is somewhat self-serving, since it omits the larger (397-foot) B5 tower directly to the north, east of Sixth Avenue, and the much larger (511-foot) B4 tower at the northeast corner of the arena block.

Yes, the Marvel Architects design (below) does break up the massing somewhat, with the center cut out. But how different is this from former Real Estate Board of New York president Steve Spinola's statement, "And y'know, you don't want a 25-story building next to a single-family home."

But do compare it to the view suggested in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (below), which suggests a more imposing set of buildings.

Note that I do not think the markings below right are correct. B15 is the light-brown-red building in the left foreground, while the silvery shadow is B4, as far as I can tell, with B5 to the right correctly marked.
Also note that Gehry Partners "borrowed" (without credit or pay) the photo from Jonathan Barkey, who created a massing model for B15.