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AY down the memory hole: arena's green roof cited among NY Mag's Reasons to Love New York

The lead-in paragraph to New York Magazine's Reasons to Love New York 2015 states:
Because New York is the heart of political ambition. Because we’re gourmands (and our rats are, too). Because our galleries travel on wheels. Because Zingsanity is upon us. Because the Mets had better hair than the Royals. Because a Citi Bike is going across the country, and a boat full of Williamsburgers is going around the world. Because you don’t need a ticket to see the cast of Hamilton live. Because, from a miniature underground Eden to a lawn on the roof of Barclays Center to a farm at JFK, we make imaginative use of our space, and our jostling, dizzying, possibility-filled crowds of new and old New Yorkers remake the city all over again every day.
(Emphasis added)

The print magazine, as shown in the excerpt at right, categorizes the Barclays Center's green roof as part of the 34th reason.

Well, the stonecrop sedum ain't a lawn.

More importantly, this glib characterization--as with New York Magazine's Approval Matrix--ignores that the green roof emerged, in part, by the need to tamp down bass escaping from the arena during certain concerts.

As I wrotethe green roof, however a cosmetic and operational improvement, is also a p.r. effort, and a way to recover from some unusually bad acoustic design,