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Photo suggests VIP parking in No Standing zone outside arena on Atlantic Avenue

DropCar plans
What's wrong with the picture below?

As noted in a post on Atlantic Yards Watch, during the New York Islanders vs. New Jersey Devils hockey game on Sunday, 12/13/15, which started at 5 pm at the Barclays Center, at 5:05pm the following photo told a story:
Several cars, including a TLC licensed Chevy Suburban, were parked with the assistance of Sam Schwartz traffic managers in the No Standing zone west of the MPT area. This area is filled during the day with contstruction workers' cars. Is this a permit situation with the DOT? An arrangement with the city?
Part of the design of Barclays includes an elevator-accessed underground VIP parking area.
There's no through traffic in these lanes because of construction to the east. But never was any public permission announced regarding VIP or worker parking here, or use of the space for valet use, as with the recently announced deal with the DropCar app.

This photo belies the procedure described by Forest City Ratner executive Ashley Cotton last week, in which there is a purported seamless transition in which cars are dropped off and driven to a nearby garage.