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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: new construction fence on Dean, demo on Pacific, belated announcement of Saturday work

The latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update, for the two weeks beginning December 21, was released Friday (as per most recent pattern) by Empire State Development after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners,

Perhaps that's why it announced use of a mobile crane to install precast panels during weekdays and on Saturday December 19 (yesterday) at the B11 site, 550 Vanderbilt Avenue. Maybe I'm missing something but shouldn't that have been in--or a supplement to--the previous two-week alert?

A demolition at 666 Pacific Street, where asbestos was removed, is expected to begin. Also, a new construction fence will separate the B11 and B12 sites on Dean Street, west of Vanderbilt Avenue.

According to the alert, Saturday work will continue at the B2 tower (461 Dean Street), B3 (38 Sixth Avenue), B15 (664 Pacific),  and B14 (535 Carlton) sites, while weekday evening work will continue until 9 pm at the latter. Weekend work will continue at the railyard.

Note that, regarding the B2 modular tower, this statement appeared in the previous alert: "Work will commence on the ground floor storefront. Enclosure work of the Arena Dean Street entrance area will be substantially completed."

Ditto for the B3 tower, "Framing and pouring of east foundation wall and completion of all column foundations will take place this reporting period."

Below is new work being reported.

B3 - 38 Sixth Avenue
• Completion of slab on grade will occur during this reporting period.
• Installation of the tower crane footing will occur during this reporting period.

LIRR Yard Activities - Block 1120 & 1121
• Delivery and Installation of the Substation Control Hut is expected to be completed during this reporting period.

B12 – 615 Dean Street:
• DOB has issued an excavation permit and a construction fence separating the B12 site from the B11 site is expected to be installed during this reporting period. Soil that has been classified as clean, contaminated or hazardous will be removed from the site as part of the excavation activities and brought to appropriate disposal locations.

B-15 (6th Ave and Pacific Street)
• Geotechnical investigations will take place this reporting period. Work will include hand dug test pits in the sidewalks near the northwest corner of the property, at Pacific Street and Sixth Avenue. Pedestrian walkways will be maintained and work will be done in accordance with obtained DOT permits.

Block 1120 & 1128 Demolition
• The sidewalk shed & scaffolding at 664 Pacific Street will be completed during this reporting period
• Subject to receipt of permit from DOB, demolition may commence at 664 Pacific Street during this reporting period.