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Daily News visits "swanky new West End Club" at Barclays Center; Draft Ops branding forgotten

From the New York Daily News today, Barclays Center’s swish West End Club offers luxury to New York Islanders fans:
He sits, he scores!
As journalistic assignments go, it’s hard to top getting an offer to take in the view of a New York Islanders game from Barclays Center’s swanky new West End Club, with all the perks that come with the most exclusive seats in the venue.
...It’s a luxury item, for sure, with seats going for $300 and up per game as part of season ticket packages. All West End Club season tickets also come with unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages at concession stands.
If they actually paid for that luxury item, I would be very, very surprised. Might put a different spin on the enthusiasm.

Also, an important detail is missing.

It sure seems the "swanky new West End Club" is a rebranding of the Draft Ops Ice Club, which was claimed to have the "best seats in hockey" when announced last July.
Barclays Center press release
Could it have been rebranded because Draft Ops, signed as a three-year sponsor, since early November stopped operating in New York, as daily fantasy sites have been targeted by the state Attorney General?

If so, it's Yormarkian legerdemain on part with rebranding The Vault as the Billboard Lounge without acknowledging the past.