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Praise for 78th Precinct's response after Wrestlemania buses idling in arena parking lot across from residences

There may be a flaw in the monthly list of events (March, April) circulated to neighbors by the Barclays Center. While the calendar helpfully indicates the number of attendees expected, that does not necessarily indicate the impact on the community.

For example, Nets crowds tend to know the drill, and get in and out fairly quickly, while one-off concerts, especially those appealing to older crowds, tend to draw many more vehicles, including idling limos.

And some shows, whether or not they draw huge crowds, involve lots of equipment trucks, which--especially if they're infrequent visitors to Brooklyn--may well impinge on the neighborhood.

Such was the case Monday, 3/24/14, with the WWE brought its wrestling extravaganza to Brooklyn, leaving trucks to idle in a parking lot across the street from residences.

Last night, at the 78th Precinct Community Council meeting, neighbors thanked Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri and his crew, notably Community Affairs Officer Brian Laffey, for their quick response. Ameri said he saw the first posting on Atlantic Yards Watch, and sent Laffey out to resolve the situation.

(No one from the Barclays Center was at the meeting to explain why things had gone wrong and what might be changed next time.)

On Block 1129

As noted Monday in an early afternoon post on Atlantic Yards Watch:
Seven Wrestlemania buses are parked along the Dean Street fence in the Barclays Center parking lot. When I walked by at 11:50 a good number of them ( I couldn't tell how many) were idling. The smell of exhaust was palpable on the sidewalk.
A video of one of the buses idling for more than 3 minutes can be found here:
The use of block 1129 as staging for arena events is common. In the case of Wrestlemania's numerous buses, they are generally parked on Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt, not along Dean Street. On Pacific Street they also generally have appeared to be idling. Because they are close to the public sidewalk this time around the exhaust can easily be smelled.
I wonder if someone is going to sleep in the buses tonight?
Below is a video:

The follow-up

A post in the evening Monday explained that there was progress, but still a problem:
With the help of the 78th Precinct, the 7 buses idling along Dean Street this afternoon have moved to the Pacific Street side. Thanks, 78th Precinct. Unfortunately tonight a bus has also moved roughly 30 or 40 feet from the perimeter fence along Dean Street, and it appears to be idling. I can smell the exhaust and hear it in my home.
Video of 3 minutes illegal idling:

Also a third truck, (apparently the same one that drove down Dean Street and Carlton Avenue at 7:30), was idling illegally when I passed by at 9:45 PM. It pulled out as I was videotaping the bus above.
Video of 3 minutes of illegal idling:
Bonus: a limo in the turning lane

There's still a problem with luxury vehicles in the area around the project, since drivers are unwilling to pay $35 to park in the lot on Block 1129. From AY Watch, 11:03 pm Monday:
Two long white stretch limos have been parked in the turning lane on Dean STreet at Vanderbilt Avenue for the last hour. Photo is attached.