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From Brooklyn Bureau: Plan for Community Use of Barclays Center Emerges (10 events, at a discount)

From my article in City Limits' Brooklyn Bureau today, Plan for Community Use of Barclays Center Emerges:
One anticipated—and delayed—element of the Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is a promise to rent the arena “to community groups for at least ten (10) events per year, at a reasonable rate, with net proceeds from such events to be used to support nonprofit community organizations.”
That community events program should finally become visible when the Barclays Center begins its third season of operations, at the end of September. Given the “significantly reduced cost,” said organizer Sharon Daughtry, executive director of the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (DBNA), who spoke at a launch event March 14, “a lot of money can be funneled into our community organizations.”
Such events—which could include fundraisers, concerts, job fairs, and banquets—may be held in various arena locations, including the arena bowl, the Cushman & Wakefield Theater (a truncated version of the bowl), the practice court, the Calvin Klein Courtside Club and the 40/40 Club.
For the full article, including information on how to apply, more on the DBNA's activities, and the curious nature of the CBA, go to Brooklyn Bureau.