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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

From Atlantic Yards Watch: in the early morning, construction vehicles make intrusive noise; goal is to reduce noise "to extent feasible"

On Friday, 3/28/14, as the board of Empire State Development took routine steps to advance Atlantic Yards, they heard from several residents about the deleterious impact of project construction on their lives.

One example, not mentioned aloud but posted on the web, appeared on Atlantic Yards Watch early that morning. As noted:
Whether from deliveries, or from construction work itself, the back-up alarm for construction vehicles are getting triggered early in the morning on block 1129 and Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt. The back-up alarm cuts right through good quality double paned windows.
There is no notice in the construction alerts of work occurring outside of normal construction hours in this location. A recent supplemental construction alert gives notice of after hours work at Atlantic and 6th.
A video can be found here shot through a closed window:
The Memorandum of Environmental Commitments [here] states FCRC will comply with the following measures in the construction of the Project:
  • Scheduling work that would generate high noise levels during weekday daytime hours to extent feasible, rather than during weekday nighttime or weekend hours, unless required as a result of safety or other agency requirements;
  • To the extent feasible, scheduling equipment and material deliveries during weekday daytime hours, rather than during weekday nighttime or weekend hours.
As hinted, there's a gulf between "feasible" and "impact on neighbors." As the video suggests, even with double-paned windows closed, the beeps are noisy: