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Photographic evidence compares Barclays Center ceiling before and after acoustical baffles installed

I wrote recently about how the Barclays Center last fall installed 1,800 acoustical baffles to limit sound.

According to arena operators, it was not to block escaping bass directly but to improve arena acoustics so musical acts wouldn't ask for it to be louder.

So, in essence, lower volume would mean lesser noise would escape the building.

Some news outlets took the statement by arena operators as evidence of progress, though the reporting was sketchy--one thin Daily News article served as fodder for articles in Complex and the Commercial Observer, while the DNAinfo article relied more on my coverage and noted that complaints continued.

At right is a picture I took last month when visiting the arena, indicating acoustical baffles. What I didn't know is whether any of those were there before arena operators took action.

The evidence appears to be no. The image below is a screenshot from a video published 6/11/13 by Wired detailing the behind-the-scenes activity on the arena catwalk. There are no panels on the trid surrounding the Jumbotron scoreboard.