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Consultant: Arena schedule "extremely aggressive, but achievable" (though TCO not gotten as planned); punch list work will extend to 9/22, then resume on non-event days; also, a sign of a hockey push

The latest report by Merritt & Harris, the construction consultant to the Barclays Center bond trustee, provides additional evidence that work on the arena is going down to the wire, with the projected substantial completion of the arena, 9/5/12, already missed and the consultant's observation that "the Arena schedule is extremely aggressive, but achievable," given overtime.

This is the first time the consultant has made such an observation.

Indeed, punch list work will extend to 9/22/12 and "resume during non-event days." That suggests that when the arena ribbon-cutting is held on 9/21/12, there will be more work to do.

The Site Observation Report based on 7/26/12 visit and documents made available 8/20/12, is dated 9/7/12 but was released today.

The document states that 9/22/12 is the projected substantial completion date for the Carlton Avenue Bridge and the surface parking lot.

The Transit Connection was expected to meet its substantial completion date, but the "mid-August" date mentioned in the document is no longer operative.

Also, site work, which was supposed to be completed concurrently with the arena will resumed after completion of the arena canopy, with "stone pavers" installed by 9/22/12.

Interestingly, the final completion date has been moved up to 4/30/13 from 6/30/13, which has been the target date for months.

Some snags

Though the impact of delays isn't clear, the document indicates that a fixture subcontractor [name omitted], has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and its bonding company is fraudulent. Arena contractor Hunt Construction is taking legal action against both.
[Update 9/13/12: a consultant to [the subcontractor] says the firm has not filed for Chapter 11.]
[Update 11/19/12: Merritt & Harris acknowledges that its previous information was incorrect.]

Number of workers (and long double shifts)

According to the document (right), the daily average number of works is 625, with subcontractors averaging two 12-hours shifts per day.

The typical Sunday shift has 80 to 100 workers.

Facade contractor ASI Limited has 50 workers working two 12-hours shifts a day to complete the pre-weathered lattice panels.

Change orders and hints of change

According to the document (below) indicating change orders over the past month, additional money has been spent on "Onexium Suite Revisions," thus likely improving the suite destined for Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov,.

Also, they spent $155,652 on "revised dasherboards" [the walls of the rink] to meet NHL regulations, a sign that they are making a play for the New York Islanders to move.

Also note $50,441 in lobby sponsorship signage as well as more than $150,000 on a Starbucks.