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Consultant: arena curtain wall has several deficiencies that need corrective work

(Also see coverage of delays in the transit connection, and questions about the number of workers.)

The latest Site Observation Report by Merritt & Harris, the real estate consultant to the arena PILOT Bond Trustee (and Forest City Ratner/ESDC), dated 4/2/12, reports new problems related to the arena curtain wall, the responsibility of the ill-fated subcontractor ASI Limited, which shut down briefly at the end of last year.

Beyond the delay in preparing and constructing the weathered steel panels, the curtain wall installation has several problems, including "pinched power cables at panel lighting," "misaligned junction between curtain wall panels," and "damaged insulation/vapor barrier on curtain wall panels."

It's not clear how serious the defects are and how long they will take to correct, but ASI Limited is expected to perform the corrective work.

The analysis was done by Israel Berger and Associates, Building Envelope Consultants, a firm that has worked on many major projects, including Yankee Stadium and the Freedom Tower.


  1. What is the purpose of publishing this, I mean really!
    This is a routine inspection, with routine findings that have no bearing on the completion, safety or viability of the project. Yet you publish every negative thing you can find. WHY? The arena is going to be built, its going to be in our community - you lost the war.
    I am not saying it is wrong to publish legitimate critiques of whats going on but this is ridiculous, and simply a FUD campaign posing as 'news'

  2. You call it FUD, I call it calling attention to something noteworthy. I didn't come to any conclusion about it, but thought it worth knowing, just as the previous delays with ASI were worth knowing.

    As I wrote, it's not clear how serious the defects are. If it's routine, then shouldn't they explain how long it should take and that it is in fact routine? (The consultant doesn't answer my queries.)

    As it happens, the reports from Merritt & Harris, as indicated in another post I published today, routinely mislead readers.


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