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Bloomberg set to announce " a plan to fill 2,000 jobs at the Barclays Center"; FTE, according to state, would be 1,120

See update at bottom on the math.

From City & State First Read's daybook:
11 a.m. – Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces a plan to fill 2,000 jobs at the Barclays Center, 620 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn.
Is that 2,000 positions or 2,000 full-time jobs? In 2005, they were proposing 400 jobs. The state's Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) estimated 1,120 full-time equivalent positions.

Presumably many of the jobs are low-skilled part-time jobs, with relatively low wages and benefits that differ significantly those accompanying full-time jobs.

State documentation

From the FEIS:
Arena employment is based on employment data provided by FCRC in March 2006. According to FCRC, there would be 230 full-time and 1,510 part-time workers at the arena. Full- and part-time jobs were converted to FTEs using data from the Wachovia Complex in Philadelphia, which is similar to the proposed arena. Based on the number of events scheduled for the complex in 2005, and general assumptions about the duration of the events, FTE employment would be approximately 1,120.

How many hours per week?

If there are 1,120 FTE arena jobs, subtract the 230 full-time jobs first, which leaves 890 FTE jobs for the 1,510 part-time workers to fill.

Then multiply 890 x 40 hours per week, and divide by 1,510. That means the part-time workers would average 23.6 hours per week.