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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: construction of surface parking lot to start May 1, but no details offered

The latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated 4/23/12 (and embedded below) and released yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by Forest City Ratner, contains little dramatic information but comes with one big gap.

Construction on the surface parking lot is to start 5/1/12, within this two-week period, and there was not detail offered beyond this bland description within a summary of work on Block 1129, the southeast block of the Atlantic Yards site:
Contractor work related to digging test pits for soil sample classification took place from March 12 through March 14th. There is no other work currently on-going or scheduled prior to the construction start date of May 1, 2012 for surface parking lot.
That also appeared in the previous alert. elow are excerpts from the latest report. I've bolded the notable changes from the previous alert.

Steel Erection and Stadia Installation
• Primary (truss) roof steel erection has been completed. Secondary roof framing of the arena bowl structure is completed. Preparation to erect the main entry canopy steel will continue through this reporting period. The erection of the canopy steel framing will start during this reporting period. The TA permit to conduct soil borings in the shoring tower zone of influence on the TA tunnel and the shoring tower placements permits have been approved.
Waterproofing & Fireproofing
• The application of waterproofing to the interior foundation walls is complete. The exterior top of foundation walls (curbs) waterproofing at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues has resumed.
Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing
• The installation of the arena bowl ribbon (video boards) has started. The main scoreboard hoist will be placed this reporting period.• Millwork (cabinetry & shelving) will start this reporting period.
Subway Entrance
Rodent Control Plan
• Civetta has had a rodent control plan in place since September 2010. This has included above and below ground baiting and maintenance on a weekly basis. Across the project site, additional measures are being instituted to redouble efforts related to food garbage control, including the provision of additional garbage containers. In addition, baiting stations have been or will be inspected to confirm operation and repaired or relocated as needed. Due to interior finishes work, work baiting stations have been removed.
• The sub-passageway floors have now been placed. The center stair platform concrete will now be constructed so the tile can be installed.Transit Canopy
• The steel and concrete roof for the canopy is now complete along with the spray fireproofing. The contour slab has been completed. Roofing work will commence during the month of May [prev. April].
Subway Elevator/Escalator
Work activities have been resequenced to accommodate canopy work items. The elevator and escalator installations are nearing completion and are anticipated to be complete in June. Stainless steel work for the escalator is in progress.
Carlton Avenue Bridge North Abutment
• The footing for the North Abutment has been completed as have the inner and outer concrete pours for the first level of the stem wall. Upon completion of curing and stripping of this section of stem wall we will remove the heel block and temporary bracing. Upon completion of this removal, work related to the forming of Pier #1 will commence.
Railyard/Car Shop
• Placement of the concrete floor slab within the Car Shop will continue during this month. Work on the CMU closure wall on the yard side of the Car Shop is expected to begin in this reporting period.
Railyard/East End (former Gasoline Station)
• Construction of a tall retaining wall along the Vanderbilt Ave. end of the yard is in progress within the yard. Permits have been secured for placement of concrete in the stem wall from Vanderbilt Avenue. This work will require that the west southbound traffic lane and adjoining sidewalk be temporarily taken out of service when concrete trucks are present from which concrete will be pumped into the wall below. The first such pour is expected to take place within this reporting period.
Utility work
Catch basins at the corner of Pacific and 6th Avenue will be modified during late April and early May. The DEP has approved the work. Installation will be coordinated with other trades in the area. Work will begin during the next two week period pending receipt of DEP approval.
Arena Site Work
The revised Flatbush Avenue MPT is allowing work to continue on the installation of the Flatbush Avenue fa├žade and the installation of bollards along this same stretch. Part of the overall site work for the arena block, bollard installation, commenced at the intersection of Dean and Flatbush in the area of the southern subway vents and is continuing north along Flatbush, eventually continuing around the entire block. The bollard work is now substantially complete along Flatbush Avenue. Other work that will be done as part of the site work includes sidewalks, installation of pavers, street furniture, street trees, light and signal poles, way finding signage, hydrants and the canopy to the new subway entrance. Construction of the plaza seating area at the tip of the site is now underway. Additional detail on the work will be provided as the contractor progresses.
AY Construction Alert 4-23-2012