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Columnist on Albany: politicians do "things that damn well ought to be against the law but aren’t"

Daily News columnist Bill Hammond's 4/17/12 column, headlined Albany, land of legal scandals: A blatantly partisan move by Dean Skelos to help Republicans, analyzes the Senate Republicans' effort to add a 63rd seat to the state Senate, which was called "disturbing” by a judge but not clearly unconstitutional:
So what Skelos (R-L.I.) is trying to do — and may very well get away with — is disturbing but just barely legal.

And that’s Albany in a nutshell. Politicians doing things that damn well ought to be against the law but aren’t.

As political columnist Michael Kinsley has often said: Sometimes the real scandal is what’s legal.
And wouldn't that apply to, say, the Empire State Development Corporation's production of an Atlantic Yards Blight Study with bogus crime information?