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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Understatements from the Final EIS: construction vehicle noise "not predicted to be significant" and noise levels from construction "relatively low for... a project of this magnitude"

With evidence of continued overnight noise faced by Brooklyn residents and trucks idling improperly early in the morning, it's worth a look at what Chapter 17, Construction Impacts, of the Atlantic Yards Final Environmental Impact Statement predicted:
In general, noise generated by construction vehicles traveling to and from the project site was not predicted to be significant.
Perhaps "[i]n general" serves as a weasel phrase to avoid specific impacts on people living on Pacific Street.

The chapter also stated:
While construction activities would be noticeable and intrusive, the noise levels produced by construction activities with the incorporated noise reduction measures would be relatively low for construction of a project of this magnitude. Additional mitigation measures that were identified to further reduce these incremental construction noise levels at nearby residences are described below and summarized in Chapter 19, “Mitigation”.
But there aren't many projects of this magnitude, and the state overrode city zoning to allow an arena to be built within 200 feet of residences.

So it also could be said that the "noticeable and intrusive" construction activities would be relatively higher because they'd be that much closer to people.