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Are new procedures "very effective" in managing truck traffic at arena site? Videos show cluster of trucks on residential street

Yesterday, less than four hours before a Forest City Ratner official declared that new procedures had been "very effective" in preventing trucks from approaching entrance gates at the Atlantic Yards site before workers were ready to receive them, a resident shot videos that show exactly the opposite.

The videos shot beginning at 6 am were included in two postings (1, 2) on Atlantic Yards Watch made by a resident of the Newswalk building along Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton avenues.

That stretch sits between the professed staging area--now a private street--on Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues and the arena entrance west of Sixth Avenue.

Clearly lots of trucks are jumping the gun--and ignoring both site rules and violating parking regulations.

First video

The first video shows dump trucks idling inappropriately at the southeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Pacific Street, almost constant disregard--by AY-bound trucks and other traffic--of a "Stop Here on Red Light" sign that aims to protect access to the Long Island Rail Road yard, and construction workers driving the wrong way on a one-way street in search of parking.

Second video

The second video similarly shows the absence of a flagger, failure to stop appropriately, and illegal idling in a "No Standing" zone.

Backing in

The brief video below shows a tractor-trailer, which has turned right from Sixth Avenue to go the wrong way down Pacific Street, then backing through a red light to get into the arena site.