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Quote of the week, from Marty Markowitz: "I would bring the heart back to this city" (if he decided to run for mayor)

The New York Post reported in a 9/14/11 article headlined Fuhgeddaboutit! B’klyn Beep Marty retiring from politics:
Marty Markowitz -- the powerful, popular Brooklyn borough president who had seriously considered a bid to replace Mayor Bloomberg in 2013 -- is no longer interested in the gig, sources told The Post yesterday.
NLG's Eric McClure suggested Markowitz would be "your next Forest City Ratner Companies Vice President of Governmental Affairs!"

Backing off

Then Markowitz backed off--sort of.

In a NY1 piece later that day headlined Markowitz Denies Report He's Ready To Leave Public Office, Markowitz in some ways seemed to confirm the earlier report, acknowledging that, unlike the announced candidates, he hasn't made any steps to campaign.

"There's no secret: I haven't set up a campaign account to run for mayor. I've raised no money, I have not made appearances in other boroughs, officially or unofficially," he told NY 1. "I know that I'd make...I know I would make an excellent mayor for this city and I would bring the heart back to this city."

"Knowing" and "heart"

The fact that he "knows" he'd make an excellent mayor is not incompatible with the notion that he's not planning to run for mayor. It sounds more like Markowitz wants to ensure that he's not written off too quickly.

As for "bringing the heart back to this city," Markowitz seems to be confusing his role in Brooklyn, where the Borough President has very little power but can issue very many proclamations, with the mayoralty.