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Flashback: Nets' Yormark was "absolutely" sure the arena would open in the fall of 2011

Remember how Nets CEO Brett Yormark was certain that the arena would open this season? Let's go back to a 12/2/08 interview with a skeptical Craig Carton of WFAN.

BY: A realistic time frame is in Brooklyn, operating in the summer of 2011, being there for the '11-'12 season.

CC: So being there in the fall of 2011, so three years from this season--

BY: That’s correct--

CC: --you think that you’ll have everything built, the infrastructure done, and you will bounce a basketball in an arena in Brooklyn in three years?

BY: Absolutely. Convinced of it.

Now, of course, Yormark is convinced the arena will open in the fall of 2012. It's much more likely--a lot of contractual money depends on it, which is one reason there's so much after-hours work.

But we'll keep watching for that after-hours work.