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NY Post discovers "shady" groups get cash from Yankee Stadium CBA; what about the Atlantic Yards CBA?

A New York Post "exclusive" today headlined Shady Bronx community groups get Yankee charity cash, begins:
That’s foul.

The nonprofit in charge of doling out nearly $1 million a year in New York Yankee cash to Bronx charities is throwing it away on shady organizations, for-profit businesses and barely effective but politically connected community groups, a Post investigation found.
As it turns out, the Yankees have nothing to do with the distribution, which means far less control over the CBA partners than Forest City Ratner in its own CBA.

Which also means that the fund’s former administrator, who says he was wrongfully fired, could say that, as the Post reports, "board members rubber-stamp community groups picked by a three-person subcommittee operating behind closed doors."

And it means that, while the fund’s treasurer refused to turn over mandated annual reports, the Post could get them from other sources--while Forest City Ratner refuses to fund a mandated Independent Compliance Monitor and nobody offers a peep.

By my estimate, five of the eight Atlantic Yards CBA signatories do little or nothing related to their assigned responsibilities--though surely they'll be brought out closer to arena opening and accomplishments will be claimed.

Take for example, Brooklyn Endeavor Experience (BEE), run by CBA Coalition Chair Delia Hunley-Adossa. When I went to the BEE booth last month at a community event, there were no program-related materials to give out--after all, BEE has a Potemkin role in environmental monitoring--but there were Nets keychains.