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"Cultural icon" Jay-Z to "make significant announcement" Monday regarding arena and team

The NBA pre-season is already delayed by a labor impasse, and there's talk of losses to the regular season, but the Nets can still gin up some publicity.

On Monday, Jay-Z, now referred to as "Cultural Icon Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter" will make a "significant announcement" regarding the Barclays Center and the "borough's future NBA team.'

What might that be? The top two possibilities are 1) the team will be called the Brooklyn Nets (duh) and 2) that Jay-Z will open the arena with concerts (duh).

However, I'd expect the arena promoters to turn that into two press announcements. So I'm betting on the first option--and, perhaps, the announcement of a new global sponsor. [However, the Brooklyn Paper reports, citing an unnamed source, that it will be Jay-Z headlining the opening.]

The event will be attended by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Forest City Ratner Companies Chairman and CEO Bruce Ratner, and Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark.


  1. Maybe he's announcing that he is upping his share of the Nets from less than one percent to a full one percent!

  2. Daniel with all the millions you made from this, you could own a piece of the Nets too! Livin like the multi-millionaire you are but pretend not to be!

  3. Millions I made, that's a funny one.
    Anyway, if I had millions why would I invest in losers?

    Regardless, I think you completely miss the point: Cultural Icon Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter, barely owns any of the Nets, yet the press and Ratner act as if he is the sole owner, outside of that yacht-wielding Russian dude. I admit it,it is a pretty smooth slight of hand.


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