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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

What the columnists missed: Jay-Z; the MTA salute; the BHS bought; lies about jobs & lawsuits; the Ridge Hill mystery; and the marketing of Brooklyn

For the past two weeks I tried to compensate slightly for the failure of any metro columnists to show up and glean insights from the rich spectacle of the Barclays Center groundbreaking March 11.

Meanwhile, this week the New York Times ran minor slice-of-life articles about a newsstand vendor who gets spelled by a local for bathroom breaks and a City Room blog post (later appearing in print) about two doormen who meet in the middle of the street during their downtime.

March 15: Atlantic Yards a "job creation" engine? Only if you believe the myths propounded by Bloomberg, Paterson, and Ratner

March 16: Deep bench at the groundbreaking? There were only enough Brooklyn elected officials to play three-on-three

March 17: Did Brooklyn "do it again" or just get played? The endless marketing and unbearable banality of borough iconography

March 18: The Darryl Greene asterisk on minority contracting (not that Paterson noticed), the Bloomberg asterisk on the CBA, and now the City Bar's CBA critique

March 19: Legal payoffs, dubious payments, FCR's corporate ethics, and the continuing mystery of Ridge Hill

March 22: Bruce Ratner's salute to Helena Williams and the MTA, Forest City Ratner's subordinate in a private-public partnership

March 23: Synergy! Thanks to Barclays/Nets money, the Brooklyn Historical Society highlights ex-Net (and arena promoter) Albert King in new sports curriculum

March 24: Ratner's bogus claim of "34 lawsuits," a skewed legal playing field, and video of the ESDC winning ugly (including a dodge regarding belated blight)

March 25: Jay-Z, Markowitz, the cult of celebrity, and the oligarch behind the curtain

March 26: The untrustworthy men of God: how the (paid by Ratner) Revs. Daughtry and Sharpton twisted the truth