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Brooklyn Paper "exclusive": a photo of Bruce Ratner and some construction equipment?

The Brooklyn Paper crowed that, in this week's issue, "we have a big exclusive about Atlantic Yards."

"[B]ig exclusive" [I initially wrote] apparently refers to a staged photo of Bruce Ratner posing in front of an earth-moving machine he's not qualified to operate.

[Update: as noted in the comment, the "big exclusive" is the news that David Childs talked with Bruce Ratner about working together on the residential buildings. And it is marked as an exclusive, so I apologize for the error. But I still think the staged photo, placed more prominently than the exclusive, is sucking up.]

The Brooklyn Paper's article in print, constrained by deadline, was a preview of the groundbreaking event, with a bare mention of the court decision (which got more substantial treatment in the Paper online) in which a judge, while ruling for the Empire State Development Corporation, acknowledged a lack of candor and transparency.

The Brooklyn Paper's online coverage of the groundbreaking included a good, if unskeptical, overview of the event, plus a cutesy video. But the print paper? A photo of Bruce Ratner and a full-page ad on the back touting the Barclays Center.


  1. The exclusive was the Child's piece, Norman. It was labeled as such in the print edition.

  2. Noted, and corrected. My apologies for missing it.


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