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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Post columnist Peyser still reading from Ratner's script

From New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser (she of the dada take on AY), in a segment headlined Ratner's Net gain for B'klyn:
For six years he's fought the good fight, endured a rough economy and a whole lot of angst. Today, Bruce Ratner breaks ground on his basketball arena, office and apartment complex in Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards -- a spot that's been screaming for development since Ratner was a boy.
Not true.

Peyser writes:
The last time anyone eyed the yards was when the Brooklyn Dodgers tried and failed to put a stadium there. Now it's an eyesore amid prosperity. But Ratner doesn't begrudge the protesters' right to yell.

"We take it and we take it for what it is -- as part of a democracy."
Not true.

Peyser writes:
This project is overwhelmingly popular with real folks around the city, despite a small and disproportionately vocal opposition. It has to do with 17,000 new construction jobs and 8,000 permanent ones -- "with benefits and everything" -- not to mention grabbing a sports franchise from Jersey, even if it is the Nets.
Not true.

Peyser concludes:
Despite the drama, "I would absolutely do it again," Ratner told me. "I would do it again because I think of the importance of this project to the city. We need to build civic projects in this city.

"Would I do it again? It's who I am."

The city needs this.
Quite debatable, given that it would be a loss to the city,according to the IBO.