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The Daily News "advertorial" on the arena groundbreaking

It's not online, as far as I can tell, but today's New York Daily News includes an eight-page section with numerous advertisement for and about the Barclays Center, and one piece of text, a column by Denis Hamill (he of the 10,000 jobs fiction) reminiscing about the Dodgers.

To quote DDDB, in another context, it is not to be missed.

Yes, they're playing it as the second coming of the Dodgers, despite the obvious enormous contrasts.

Funny, but the section is not labeled "advertorial."

(The news section does have an article about groundbreaking and evictions.)


  1. The daily news isnt the only ones....

    I got the joy of watching the Channel 5 (fox) interview and ass-kissing of ratner.

    Not sure how much lower Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly can go.

    Journalists they are not.

    It was interesting watching the words come out Ratner's mouth. Reminded me a lot of Marty.


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