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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

A Very Brooklyn Passover Haggadah and the world of Internet content

Remember, the New York Times sent a reporter to the Atlantic Yards groundbreaking who had never covered AY before, as if this were some spot news story that any warm (journalism degreed) body could have handled.

So it's small beans, relatively speaking, to watch the semi-snarky blogosphere froth up some content about their discovery of the Atlantic Yards Passover haggadah.

Flashback to 2006

This is how it happened.

NoLandGrab earlier today posted A Very Brooklyn Passover Haggadah for an Atlantic Yardseder (PDF).

No date is given, but those of us who've been around for a bit remember it popping up in April 2006 and even playing a cameo in a Times article that month headlined A Blogfest Over a Project in Brooklyn.

(That Times article, by the way, claimed that "[a]bout a dozen blogs follow Atlantic Yards closely," which was and is way off.)

So later today the "news" was picked up by Curbed, which asserted that, "While everyone else has been busy trying to eat as much bread as possible before sundown, one Atlantic Yards obsessive decided to create an Atlantic Yards-themed Passover haggadah."

And Gothamist, confusing a project and a place, suggested, "Forget being cast out of Egypt; this year Jews all over Brooklyn can sympathize with the families being evicted from the Atlantic Yards and have a topical Seder with this Atlantic Yards themed haggadah!"

We shouldn't blame the bloggers; they were still in college in 2006. However, like the rest of the project, the Haggadah needs an update from four years ago. Below, a few suggestions.

Updating the Four Questions

Question 3:
Why is it that in all other projects, the developer dips only into his own budget, but in the Atlantic Yards project the developer dips twice - $100 million from the state's budget and $100 million from the city's budget?

AYR update: You'd have to add another $105 million from the city budget now.

Question 4:
Why is it that in all other projects, the buildings stand straight, but in Frank Gehry's designs for the Atlantic Yards project, the buildings recline to one side?

AYR update: Gehry's gone. The fourth question would have to relate to "vaportecture."