Saturday, September 08, 2012

The mystery of the Barclays Center street banners, and the missing arena Community Affairs Manager

What's up with those Barclays Center marketing banners that appeared and disappeared on Prospect Heights streets, and also remain on some other Brooklyn streets?

No one's provided a full answer yet.

On Wednesday night, Forest City Ratner External Affairs VP Ashley Cotton, queried at a community meeting, responded, "We just noticed... that is the Barclays Center marketing program, sold via NYC and Company," the city tourism agency.

Cotton should know, because she's the boss of the yet-to-be-hired Barclays Center Community Affairs Manager, who should be answering such questions pronto. (Forest City controls Brooklyn Events Center, which controls the arena.)

I asked Cotton Thursday night about the banners that disappeared in Prospect Heights. I asked the Department of Transportation yesterday. I haven't heard back. I didn't contact NYC and Company--my bad--but shouldn't someone step up to inform the public?
Photo copyright Tracy Collins

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