Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have the Brooklyn Nets "won over the borough," as the New York Post asserts? Well, they've sold 4,500 season tickets to Brooklynites

From the New York Post, Meet the new Nets fans: With 10,000 season tickets already sold, Brooklyn’s new basketball team has won over the borough — and convinced Knicks supporters to abandon the Garden:
More than 10,000 season tickets have been sold to date, says Brett Yormark, CEO of the Nets and Barclays Center — and of those 10,000 season ticket holders, only 10 percent owned seats when the Nets were based in New Jersey. Yes, 90 percent of the Nets’ new season ticket holders are recent converts.
So who are these newbies betting on black-and-white?
“When you look at our season ticket base, you’re talking about roughly 45 percent from Brooklyn, 25 percent from Manhattan, 12 percent from New Jersey, and the rest is from the outer boroughs and Long Island,” explains Yormark. “We’re a fresh new alternative in the marketplace.”
OK, so the Nets are drawing new fans in a new market. But 4500 season tickets from a borough with more than 2.5 million people does not mean that the Nets have "won over the borough."

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