Friday, September 07, 2012

ESPN: "Hello, Brooklyn" (and how about that arena in "Fort Greene")

From the 9/17/12/ issue of ESPN the Magazine, a one page annotated graphic hyping "Hello, Brooklyn," suggesting that "the borough the Dodgers made famous is once again having a sports moment."

Well, yes, there is a new team.

I'm not quite sure what the Brooklyn Boulders, the Brooklyn Cyclones, Hipster Williamsburg, and Mike Tyson's Bushwick (getting hipster-y, actually), have in common with the "Center of the Center," as ESPN dubs the Barclays Center arena, other than sharing the vast borough we call home.

But I am sure that the arena is 1) not located in Fort Greene and 2) thus not located, where it's placed, above Atlantic Avenue near Fort Greene Park.

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