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As Brooklyn Nets return to Barclays Center for first home playoff game tonight, arena is draped in new "NetsLevel" promotions (+KD/Nike ads)

The Barclays Center on 4/21/22 issued an updated April 2022 event calendar, indicating the scheduled first home playoff game, tonight, as well as the fourth game of the Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtic series, on Monday, and a potential sixth game on Friday, 4/29/22.

The latter depends on whether the Nets, who are down 2-0, can start winning. 

As shown at right and below, the arena--including the "public" plaza--has been draped in new promotions for the series, tagged as "NetsLevel." 

(The team has applied for a trademark, according to NetsDaily.)

The advertising space at the transit entrance to the plaza, sometimes used for other products, is now all Nets-related, even if Nike appears to be the sponsor.