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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/coming/missing, who's responsible, + project overview/FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

A new infographic; explaining the owners/developers, and architects/landscape architects involved

The graphic designer Ben Keel (website), who with me has steadily produced updates explaining the Current Progress and Approved Plans (see second infographic below), has now produced a new infographic (see first infographic) on Owners/Developers and Designers.

That helps answer some other basic questions regarding Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park ownership and deskgn: what companies, and designers, are responsible for each building, and the project at large?

It also has been added to my pinned FAQ post. It will be updated, as more information, and new buildings, emerge.

Below are updated versions, as of June 23, 2024. 

Owners/Developers and Designers

Current Progress/Approved Plans

Below are the original versions on this post, as of April 2022.

Owners/Developers and Designers

Current Progress/Approved Plans