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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Yes, arena will broadcast brief clips of Brooklyn Nets & New York Liberty games on LED "atrium glass display." Elevator repairs coming. Parking Q pending.

This is the third of four posts about the July 13, 2021 Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meeting. The first noted no updates on big questions regarding the project and episodes of obfuscation and non-transparency. The second addressed some mysterious, unauthorized "No Parking" signs. The fourth cited pending questions.

Well, apparently it wasn't a one-off--and that makes sense. After all, if the Barclays Center has the capacity to publicly broadcast snippets of basketball games on its newfangled (and sometimes intrustive) LED screen above the arena entrance doors, why not use it, and not just in a playoff game.

I posed a question before the meeting and got a response from arena operators, presented by Tobi Jaiyesimi of Empire State Development.

"Small portions of Nets games were aired on the atrium glass display approximately one minute per quarter, with a mix of live clips and replays," ste stated. " There's plans to continue this for the upcoming season."

Highlights "are shown selectively as well" for the New York Liberty, she said.

Jaiyesimi also stated that there were no ticketed events until Aug. 18 at Barclays, when the Liberty return after the Olympics break--but just two days later the arena announced that the NBA Draft, ticketed, would be held on July 29.

Repairs coming, and made

As to the often out-of-service elevator to the transit hub on the arena plaza, which the Barclays Center operates, "we anticipate it will be running again in next few weeks," Jaiyesimi said. (Signage says it's out through July.)

How long was the arena plaza behind the transit hub entrance cordoned off? For about a month, she said, for deep cleaning, painting, and repairs to broken benches. (There are still weeds.)

There are plans to install bike racks in coming months, which may require a few benches to be closed.

Parking questions

The North Prospect Heights Association noted that parking garages at 535 Carlton Avenue and 670 Pacific Street have triggered traffic congestion and unsafe conditions in the area nearby during Barclays Center events (as I reported).

"Will Barclays consider removing any references to these garages in online promotions if the garages are not run better?" the NPHA stated. " Problems cited include lack of adequate staffing, poor or no notice when lots are full, and overselling too many spots."

Jaiyesimi's response: the question was received right before the meeting, to it will require a follow up, in the meeting notes.

Also, the NPHA asked if the NYPD's 78th Precinct is not using the 24 parking spaces allotted for their use in the 535 Carlton Avenue garage, who is keeping any income from those parking spaces when they are rented out? Has the money been put in escrow?

Jaiyesimi said, "I don't believe that those spaces are being rented out for other uses," but will follow up.

The meeting notes should be posted here.