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On Dean Street across from B12/B13 construction site, a disruptive air horn blasts frequently (audio); ten blasts in 15 minutes

So, what's it like to leave near a construction site? Well, according to the audio below, those across the street from the B12/B13 (615 Dean/595 Dean) site are subject to frequent, if irregular, blasts of an air horn that apparently signals use of a crane. 

Below is an unedited audiotape of about 15 minutes, taken with an iPhone from a neighbor's open window, starting around 7:30 am on a recent day.

You can just play the whole thing, or advance to hear more horns at approximately 3:03 (and four seconds later), 4:26, 5:32, 8:02, 9:48, 10:21, 14:2814:5115:13. (For some, it may vaguely recall the sounds of a shofar.)

Why is this relevant? First, even if it doesn't violate the noise code--and there would have to be a more sophisticated way to test/record it--it's disruptive. 

Second, I'm told that the noises begin before 7 am, and, while the developer does have an After-Hours Variance, that is not disclosed in the bi-weekly Construction Updates. Maybe we'll hear discussion at tonight's Quality of Life meeting.