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Yes, builders of B12/B13 sites are again trying to start weekday work on Dean Street at 6 am; variance request is "pending DOB review" (and then granted)

Updated 5/10/21, 7:15 pm: Yes, they got the variance.

As I wrote 5/1/21, the builders the B12/B13 towers on Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues had pursued, so far unsuccessfully, an after-hours variance to start weekday work, beginning last Monday at 6 am, rather than the standard 7 am start.

Neighbors have already reported being disturbed at 7 am, so a 6 am start, even if it involves different tasks, can be even more disturbing.

Well, the construction company (which works for developer TF Cornerstone) reapplied, to start Tuesday morning 5/11/21 and continue for at least ten days, with the purported reason "Public Safety," rather than, say, the desire to complete the building faster.

The stated work includes mobilizing and warming up equipment like cranes and generators, concrete placement, and erection of superstructure elements like formwork, shoring, and rebar. That doesn't sound like quiet work.

As of now the status of the permit request is pending review by the Department of Buildings, but presumably may be resolved tomorrow.