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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Welcome to, uh, Plank Road, the new name for 662 Pacific Street. But the web site offers no info on affordability, nor mention of "Pacific Park."

Well, all that after-hours construction work apparently paid off.

The B15 tower, aka 662 Pacific Street, has been re-launched as "Plank Road," with, curiously enough, no mention of the larger Pacific Park (aka Atlantic Yards) project. Leasing starts in July. The news was first reported by Patch, which also published the rendering at right.

Perhaps the failure to mention the larger project is because this tower, east of Sixth Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets, is pretty far from the expected location of the lion's share of the open space, which could take until 2035 to finish.

Or because the developer, The Brodsky Organization, has leased the site from master developer Greenland Forest City Partners, has no allegiance to the larger project. But it can emphasize proximity. Mouse over "what's close to you" and get:
Half a block to Barclays Center, 1500 feet to the subway, 4 minutes to your favorite coffee shop, 7 blocks to a picnic in the park, and across the hall from a possible new friend... What's close to you?
What's missing?

While the website invites people to inquire about rental apartments, there's no info about the 30% affordable units. Will they be, as I suspect, geared to middle-income households at 130% of Area Median Income, as with 18 Sixth Avenue? If so, that's more "affordable housing" for six-figure earners.

There's also no mention of the middle-school that will be under construction and fit-out through 2024. Or the years of constrution at the railyard block--which needs a deck, before construction of three towers--just to the north across Pacific Street.

What about the name?

As to the name, the web site offers:
Plank Road, 4-mile plank roadway along Flatbush, is the original route used by farmers in the 1800s that passed through where this residence now stands.
Given that Pacific Street east of Sixth Avenue is not coterminous with any of Flatbush Avenue, that may be a stretch. The extant literature on Plank Road isn't plentiful or precise, but it seems to be Flatbush Avenue.


  1. What's also missing, 70,75, and 80 AMI for these new lottery apartments, mainly for singles


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