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Barclays Center, a little late, sends end-of-May calendar to neighbors, with past LIU graduation, Nets and Liberty games

Okay, the Barclays Center, now with expanded capacity, is back to circulating event calendars to neighbors, but a little late.

Listed in the notice sent yesterday (below) are two Long Island University commencement ceremonies two days previously, plus last night's Brooklyn Nets game, two New York Liberty games, and two more Nets games.

The third Nets game, scheduled for Tuesday, June 1, is unscheduled and--unmentioned--might not be necessary, because it's the fifth game of the series, and the Nets, who won the debut last night, could sweep the Boston Celtics.

It might not be simple to circulate these calendars, given the late-breaking news of the NBA playoffs schedule, but the Nets-Celtics series schedule was set Wednesday night, before the LIU ceremonies. On Thursday, I tweeted that the LIU ceremonies should've been announced.