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The Barclays Center team store moves to Flatbush Ave. and changes its name: from "Nets Shop by Adidas" to "Swag Shop" to (apparently) "Brooklyn Style"

The store area along Flatbush
A new Barclays Center team store, apparently called "Brooklyn Style," is emerging along Flatbush Avenue, occupying most of the Flatbush Avenue retail frontage previously--and briefly--occupied by a WPIX studio and a sales office for the 550 Vanderbilt condos. 

Note the area outlined with blue tape, which appears to be waiting for new signage, at least as of Tuesday afternoon, 5/18/21, when I took the photos.

It no longer occupies the section closest to the arena plaza and arena ticket office, which currently has black-and-white images pasted over the glass. See photo below right.

And while that site has been--and is apparently still--used for administrative purposes, including those related to COVID-19 testing/screening, it's a reasonable bet that the section, including a revolving door, may serve as a supplementary entrance/exit.

In photo below left--sorry about the reflection--you can see some of the merch. Perhaps it all will be upgraded by Saturday, when the Nets host their first playoff game, against the Boston Celtics.

The new store
The history

When the Barclays Center opened in September 2012, the team store was called the "Nets Shop by Adidas."

That, of course, was when the arena had one anchor tenant, not a (belated, second-class) second one.   Swag Shop

By the fall of 2016, one year after the NHL's New York Islanders arrived--a telling delay, in retrospect--the team store was rebranded as the “Swag Shop at Barclays Center,” aimed to feature Islanders gear year round. 

By the fall of 2017, another revision, according to design firm Generator Studio:
Generator Studio was approached to rebrand and refresh the Brooklyn Nets / New York Islanders team store at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The store’s high visibility from Flatbush Avenue, the main artery of Brooklyn, as well as its proximity to the main entrance of the stadium, required an approach to give the Team Store more prominence. convey an urban vibe by creating a ‘Brooklyn Lifestyle Boutique’ theme. By reducing clutter and creating lifestyle displays, the store will speak to each type of fan. Custom fabricated rebar hat displays are incorporated to impart an ‘urban’ feel by repurposing common materials in an uncommon way.
The new store, waiting for more
Well, the revision wasn't a charm, since there were other factors at play, as the Isles and the arena began renegotiating an exit after three years, with part-time play at the Nassau Coliseum even as a new arena at Belmont Park was being planned, approved, and built.

Brooklyn Style

Well, the Swag Shop has been closed for a while, at least in terms of its traditional entrance, and that name is no more.

According to the Brooklyn Nets' web site, a store called "Brooklyn Style" is coming, even as merchandise pop-up locations are open in two sections.
Note that pre-orders "will be available at the Section 9 Swag Shop."

There's a logic to the change. There are more and more options and permutations for team-related gear and, nearly a decade out, it more consistently connects to the original idea, as per team/arena CEO Brett Yormark circa 2012: selling the Nets as a "lifestyle brand."