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Three years later, a lot less hype about the Nets' logo (#17 of 30 in new ranking)

On 9/8/15, Grantland's Zach Lowe published The Definitive NBA Logo Rankings.
The groundbreaking use of black-and-white sets a tone of minimalist cool, and the Nets doubled down by taking their old 3-D shield logo and flattening it into a smooth 2-D mark.
But let’s not go crazy. This is basically a Thunder-style shield with a basketball inside it — one that almost resembles the negative image of an eight ball. The NBA’s worst team name doesn’t present a ton of options, so this is a nice first shot for the Brooklyn era. The Nets toyed around with other color schemes as they prepped for the Brooklyn move, and it will be interesting to see if they revisit any for future logos.
That ranking is near the middle in the 30-team league (the Knicks were #25, or fifth-worst), so it's not terrible. but it's not great, which is what Nets boosters were claiming in 2012 when the new logo--uniquely black and white--was unveiled. (And some branding experts gave praise.)

The logo, of course, was credited to Jay-Z, but that seems beyond his skill set. NetsDaily's Net Income/Bob Windrem suggested another designer, Timothy Morris, did the nitty-gritty work.

What about the Raptors?

By the way, Lowe gives high marks (#8) to the Toronto Raptors logo, about which he noted, "the Raptors first leaked a black-and-white version that had the lunatic fringe of Brooklyn fans accusing Toronto of stealing its motif."