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Post: Islanders owner calling prospective seat buyers means team has "issues"; Yormark: "not credible"

From the New York Post's Josh Kosman, Islanders owner adds a personal touch to sell season tickets
With just 18 days until the New York Islanders open their first season in Brooklyn, team owner Jonathan Ledecky is personally calling prospective season ticket holders to help close the sale, The Post has learned.
“That’s a leading indicator they have issues selling tickets,” a sports industry source said.
However, a Barclays spokesman said that the team is ahead of its initial goal of selling between 7,500 to 8,000 season tickets.
Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark tweeted in response:
Kosman's story in Post is not credible. Isles lead NHL in new full season tix. Have 8k+ full season tix holders. Anticipate many sellouts.
Note that Yormark didn't deny Ledecky's calls (which, actually, are a Yormarkian touch). Could it be that they are doing better than goal but still want more ticketholders? Does that mean they "have issues"? A few or a lot?

The responses

Most of the responses on Twitter to Yormark were positive, but some expressed dismay:
  • the ticket prices are not affordable for "average Joe's". Gone are days when a family of 4 can go to a gm w/o selling a limb.
  • I live in CT and have had a weekend plan for years.Only four Sat night games is really horrible.
  • as a half ssn ticket plan holder I think you boys overshot ur nut on some of these dynamic pricing games. Will affect turnout
  • tix too expensive. And I'm not one who usually shouts about this.
  • go win a playoff series, have a scoreboard hung at center ice and play in an arena built for hockey
One lingering question:
tell the uninformed how many season tix were sold at NVMC last year. I bet it's less than 4000
When I know, I will update.