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Flashback to June: open windows at B2 modular tower

Close up photos June 30
Photos I took June 30 of the B2 modular building (aka 461 Dean Street) help explain why there might be ongoing challenges, as described in my recent article for City Limits.

Note the open window near the top of the column in the photo at right. That certainly suggests challenges with the facade and also makes the module interior, however protected with any wrapping, vulnerable to rain.

More ambiguously, note that the facade of a module or two was replaced, at least temporarily, by plywood. (There's still plywood, as noted in the photo I took for the recent article, at bottom.)

That may be to protect against the rigging in some way; note that the crane-like structure seems to be attached to the building at the location of the plywood.

But that close-up photo shows another module with a window open, as well as another covered with some sort of silvery material. So stay tuned.

From late August