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News flash: Nets player finally moves to Brooklyn

As the Brooklyn Nets begin their fourth season in Brooklyn, there's some news, as noted by the Brooklyn Game not so grammatically, The Nets finally have a player that lives in Brooklyn.

The post cites ESPN, which quotes forward Thaddeus Young, who said he and his wife wanted stability for their five year-old son:
"It's a good environment," Young said. "We like to come down and walk on the piers and walk on the bridges and stuff like that. Plus, the practice facility is gonna be in Industrial City [in February] so that's gonna be probably 10-15 minutes away from here, and like I said, Barclays Center is right up the street.
That suggests the location is in the Downtown Brooklyn area. Update, it's sort-of Brooklyn Heights, actually a large condo building in a former factory.

Because the Nets have practiced in New Jersey, it made logistical sense for many players to live in Manhattan or even New Jersey. Early next year a practice facility will open in Brooklyn.