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Videos: buses crowding Flatbush Avenue, residential blocks near Barclays Center, sidewalks filled; bus driver astounded by lack of foresight

Buses stacked up along Bergen Street
It's rather astounding.

Complementing my post with photo evidence of buses stacked up on Flatbush Avenue and nearby residential streets for a private event--a memorial gathering for a Jewish educator-- an Atlantic Yards Watch post from resident Peter Krashes adds video (and a few photos),

The key quote comes from a well-meaning driver, who said on tape, "I don't see how they scheduled something like this for Barclays Center knowing there was no parking for 300 buses." (That total is unclear.)

For the eventgoers, the experience apparently went fairly well (though I did see numerous people arriving 40 minutes late). A plethora of police, volunteers, and paid pedestrian managers kept thing safe and moving, which prompted this "Great Work" tweet from the NYPD Transit Bureau.

As Krashes notes, not only were streets in Prospect Heights inundated with buses, many double-parked, bus stops on Flatbush were used for parking--an undisclosed impact. Nor, as I wrote, was the full plan to use the neighborhood discussed.

Flotillas of energized, enthusiastic young women filled the sidewalks and "functionally closed" Dean Street at Flatbush for a bit.


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