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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Alert: installation of piles in railyard; temporary re-striping of intersection; weekend/night work in railyard

From the latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Brooklyn Construction Update (in full at bottom), covering this week and next and issued yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners, with new information bolded compared to the previous two-week report:

Arena Green Roof
o Deliveries to the Atlantic Avenue crane location will be made through the wide gate entrance along Atlantic Avenue. Delivery trucks will back into the gate; Flagmen will be present to direct traffic.
Note that the deliveries in the previous update indicated the B3 crane location at Dean and Sixth Avenue. Also note that the partial stop-work order temporarily suspending such deliveries went unmentioned. That seems to be a significant lapse.

(I got a comment from Empire State Development: "The two week look-ahead is an informational letter sent electronically to the community. The March 2nd-March 9th construction notice is a projection of the work we anticipate will occur in the coming weeks." Not untrue, but not the complete story.)

LIRR Yard Activities - Block 1120 & 1121
• During this reporting period, installation and testing of 24” diameter caisson piles will commence in Block 1120.* Compressors located on the 6th Avenue Bridge will be utilized for this work.
Note that it was supposed to commence in the previous period. This could get loud.

LIRR Yard Activities – Atlantic Avenue
  • The east side pedestrian crosswalk across Atlantic Avenue has been temporarily restriped and barrels and timber curbs installed to better delineate the walk way to pedestrians crossing at this location. Permanent striping will be completed once weather permits.
The previous alert said the crosswalk had been restriped, but now it says that restriping is temporary.
• Temporary utility relocation work at the west portal will be ongoing during this reporting period.
Previously it said such work would commence.
• Preparations for temporary decking installation and tunnel girder installations will be on-going in the west portal area during this reporting period.
This is new.

LIRR Yard Activities – Night/Weekend Work
• LIRR personnel are scheduled to perform weekend work (with assistance from yard contractor) beginning the weekend of February 27th. Work will entail the re-routing of electrical cables within underground duct banks that provide power to the tracks in the yard. Work will take place at the northwest portion of Block 1120 and is expected to take a minimum of two (2) weekends to complete. Work will be continuous throughout the weekend, commencing Friday night through Monday morning, and is being done during weekend hours because it requires all power to the tracks to be shutdown. During nighttime hours, work area will be illuminated by rail yard lights.
Previously the work was to begin as early as the weekend of Feb. 20

B11 – 550 Vanderbilt Avenue
o Installation of foundation waterproofing and pouring of foundation walls will commence during this reporting period.*
This is new.