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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

How much are those Atlantic Yards B2 modules misaligned? Check the photo.

At today's meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation, developer Forest City Ratner should be asked about its partial acknowledgment that modules in the long-stalled B2 tower require realignment before the building can be finished.

As I wrote, Forest City disclosed plans to realign (and possibly lift-and-reset) modules only on the tenth and current highest floor, as if setting a new base for the additional 22 floors. However, some lower-floor modules seem slightly but distinctly out of alignment as well.

If you look at the right-side column of modules with red-framed windows, they clearly don't fit precisely. Note the photo below, a close-up of the intersections of modules on the third and fourth floors.

As I wrote, the announcement--which said work could begin April 1--leaves some question marks. Realigning the lower floor modules would be more complicated and likely require modules to be removed. It's unclear when the cumulative effect of out-of-tolerance modules becomes a problem.