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Predictable: illegal limos idling on streets for Neil Diamond concert

It was predictable last Thursday. As noted on Atlantic Yards Watch, 11 limos parked illegally in short stretch of 5th Ave for Neil Diamond concert:
In a 5 minute walk, hampered by rain, 11 limos found parked and /or idling at the following addresses:
27, 37, 53, and 66 Fifth Avenue. These are known problem spots. Most are hydrants. Two limos in bus stop. Also 2 cars parked in bus stop at 429 Bergen, and 2 in No Standing zone at 446 C Dean. Worst offenders were two limos parked in travel lane in front of former Triangle Sports building (27 5th Avenue) between Dean and Flatbush. Photo attached. 311 complaint made for these two (other ones not done on 311 due to rain).
Numerous other limos and cars parked and idling on other blocks.
(Some typos cleaned up)

The thing is, many people either don't know or don't bother to file incident reports, but that type of Barclays Center concert--with an older, wealthier crowd less likely to use public transport--typically draws idling limos.

From Newsday's review:
Neil Diamond pulled out all the stops at Barclays Center Thursday night for his first public concert in his native Brooklyn.
Reggae version of "Red, Red Wine"? Check.
"Sweet Caroline" sing-along? So good. So good. So good.Heartbreaking version of "Love on the Rocks"? Ain't no big surprise.
But the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer also took time to savor his return to Brooklyn. As he showed off his dance moves during "Red, Red Wine," adding that he learned the box step at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio on Flatbush Avenue. The detail-filled ballad "Brooklyn Roads" provided poignant moments, as home movies from his childhood in Coney Island rolled behind him.