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Buses for Barclays Center event inundate Prospect Heights, double-parking on Flatbush, area streets, blocking bus stop and hydrant

In anticipation of "a private memorial service with a significant number of buses used for guest transportation," the Barclays Center announced last week:
Buses will be parked and staged downstairs in our loading dock, outside on the arena block and across the street at the Atlantic Terminal Mall on Fort Greene Place.
Also, the message said, there would be no parking on Flatbush Avenue between Atlantic and Eighth Avenues.

That was a dramatic understatement. First, as the message hinted, the buses delivering Orthodox Jewish girls and women for the service commemorating educator Sarah Schnerir would be parking for 2+ hours on Flatbush while waiting to pick up their charges.

And, as it turns out, there was not nearly enough space for buses on Flatbush, which led to double-parking on Flatbush, double-parking on adjacent residential streets, and parking at bus stops and in front of hydrants. All that is illegal, and subject to fines.

However, the message from the mayor's office--I suspect--was to ensure that the event "worked," so there was no effort to crack down. For most events, of course, people take public transit.

That said, the huge number of arena-paid pedestrian managers, Shomrim volunteers (Jewish community safety patrol), and taxpayer-paid police officers did keep traffic flowing on the streets and sidewalks.
(I'll update this with more photos.)

Double-parking on Flatbush outside arena

Parking at bus stop on Bergen Street west of Carlton Avenue

Double-parking on St. Marks Avenue east of Flatbush

Double-parking on Atlantic Avenue just east of Flatbush

Double-parking on *private* Fort Greene place (northbound traffic was blocked off)

Double-parking on Flatbush

Blocking a hydrant on Carlton Avenue at Bergen Street

Buses on Sixth Avenue approaching Flatbush

Bus stop on Flatbush at Seventh Avenue blocked

Crowd control at Flatbush and Dean, directing people to narrow pedestrian passage

A bit of gridlock at Flatbush and Prospect Place


  1. What's the point of this article? Out to get them? Pure anti semitism!! There was no better news today than buses double parked???

    1. Don't forget anti-Yellowism! Most of those buses were yellow!

  2. I'm perplexed that you think pointing out double-parked buses is anti-semitism. I've posted photos of arena-related vehicles violating traffic regulations (trucks, limos, etc.) for some three years now. This blog focuses closely on the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park/Barclays Center project.


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