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"Prospect Heights Is Happening!" (thanks to arena), Corcoran claims, using photo of building which (unmentioned) is across from arena parking lot

Prospect Heights residents have been getting the below postcard from mega-brokerage Corcoran encouraging them to choose that firm to sell their home. (Postcard via Prospect Heights activist Patti Hagan.)

The text, as stated on the back:
Prospect Heights is Happening!
Your neighborhood is transforming. With the Barclays Center arena nearing completion, Propsect Heights and the surrounding area are being redefined.
Then follows the Corcoran pitch.

The unmentioned irony

The "Just Sold" building pictured is 618 Dean Street, directly across the street from the planned interim surface parking lot for the arena, which could last a decade and might impinge ever so slightly on residents' lives.

The ad for 618 Dean

And did Corcoran, in its ad, mention the parking lot? Nope:
It is also located next to Brooklyn's new restaurant row Vanderbilt Ave whose rising stars include Eton, Maya Taqueria, Pequena, and Milk to name a few! Its time to stop living small and move into a space that fits!


  1. The apartment is in the back of the building so it doesn't face the parking lot at all. The building faces the parking lot, but there are worse things to face (my building faces a 6 lane highway known as Ocean Parkway for example).


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