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Marty Markowitz on OWS: “I think that they have made their point, and now it’s time to go home and work."

The New York Observer reported 11/21/11:
Last week, Occupy Wall Street finally made its foray into the boroughs by way of a march across the Brooklyn Bridge. The night before the march, we happened to run into Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz last week and he had some choice words for the group. “I think that they have made their point, and now it’s time to go home and work,” he told The Transom at an event for a charity he started. “If you just stay at that location, Zuccotti Park, you are meaningless. You’re doing nothing for anyone. Go to work! You’re not going to change America staying in that park. That’s it,” Mr. Markowitz said, growing increasingly agitated as he discussed the issue.
It didn't sound like Markowitz meant "go to work on political activity," but if he did, well, OWS was one example of that.

If he meant "get a job," well, that's not so easy. Even some of those selected for a highly competitive training program required by the Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement say they were stiffed.

Markowitz changes his tune

It was just a month earlier, on October 25, when Markowitz issued a press release stating,
“There is no doubt that Americans—those in the ‘99 percent’—are hurting, and we can all agree that some of the issues being raised by these protests, including the creation and preservation of jobs, higher wages for the working class, penalties against companies that outsource jobs overseas, affordable health insurance and protection of Social Security and Medicare, are concerns we can all rally around and that need to be heard and addressed by our leaders.”
So, those concerns were all "heard and addressed" by now?