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Council Member James: Cuomo must muscle support from Golden (and state Senate) for residential parking permits

Update: Streetsblog reports that the resolution passed the City Council 40-8.

Despite the success yesterday at a City Council hearing for advocates of residential parking permits (RPP), the effort faces a major roadblock: state Senator Martin Golden, a Republican from southern Brooklyn who told the New York Post it was "just another tax" and that the Republican-controlled Senate would not accept it.

And while the measure has significant backing, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, once a supporter (as part of his congestion pricing package), is on the fence, according to the Post. Similarly not taking a position is Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner, as well as the agency in charge of Atlantic Yards.

“As I left the hearing, ironically, I ran into Bruce Ratner outside, who indicated to me he was agnostic on the plan," Brooklyn Council Member Letitia James, an advocate for RPP, said at this morning's Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meeting, a bi-monthly gathering of affected agencies, held at Brooklyn's Borough Hall.

"Five minutes later, I ran into state Senator Martin Golden, who said it was dead on arrival," James continued. "I would urge ESDC [Empire State Development Corporation] to work with the governor to bypass the objections of Senator Golden to get residential parking permits implemented. DOT yesterday indicated they were willing to do it in two communities, in and around Atlantic Yards and Yankee Stadium."

James appeals to Cuomo

"This is the time for the governor to basically negotiate this bill and use his popularity to get this bill passed. Senator Golden's objections basically were that this is a backdoor tax," James said. "I just want you to know that 95% of the constituents that have emailed me, called me, stopped me on the street, support this, and are willing to accept a minimal fee and hopefully we can work out provisions for those who are on fixed incomes or low incomes... and some of the businesses that have expressed concerns."

"Right now, our major obstacle to getting this passed is the Republican and Tea Party Senator Golden," James concluded. "I hope that ESDC will join me in moving him out of the way.”

Arana Hankin, Director, Atlantic Yards Project, for the state agency, told me after the meeting that the agency did not have a position on RPP.


  1. Does ESD really have no position on RPP, even in the arena zone? I find that very hard to believe.

    It is their project that is causing the parking/traffic uproar and so they need to let the community know where they stand on this.


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