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Noticing New York: Amanda Burden's reputation gets buffed again, in "Urbanized"

City Planning Commission Chairperson Amanda Burden gets a lot of good press, some of it deserved, some of it determinedly amnesiac regarding her acquiescence with the city's willingness to let the state oversee Atlantic Yards.

In the new documentary film "Urbanized," as Michael D. D. White explains in Noticing New York,  Burden's reputation gets buffed again, but it's not fully deserved:
Not mentioned is that, in the case of the Atlantic Yards mega-project which she helped enable, all these “basic parameters” of zoning that had been set were overridden so the developer could do whatever he wanted to maximize his own best possibilities over those of the community, including his choice to eliminate and absorb into his private ownership formerly public streets, sidewalks and avenues.
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