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Atlantic Yards Watch: Finally, NYC DOT restores missing traffic barriers, parking signs to Pacific Street

If there weren't an Atlantic Yards Watch and watchful Atlantic Yards neighbors, how much oversight would there be??

After all, only activism from the latter has restored "missing traffic barriers, parking regulation signs and traffic signs... to Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues," according to Atlantic Yards Watch.

Who's responsible for the vandalism? Apparently construction workers trying to find convenient parking by breaking the rules.

At right above, the current, restored configuration. At left below, what it used to look like for months.

Blame the construction worker parking

AY Watch reports:

The "MPT" (Maintenance and Protection of Traffic) measures were the victim of the heavy use of that block by Atlantic Yards related construction trucks. The parking regulation signs were apparently removed to enable illegal construction worker parking.

The barriers and signs are "temporary" measures implemented for the period the Carlton Avenue Bridge is closed. They are designed to delineate for drivers the current mid-block shift of Pacific Street from a westbound one-way to a two-way between 6th Avenue and the entrance to the LIRR ramp into Vanderbilt Railyards. LIRR vehicles must enter the ramp from the west due to its angle to the street. With the re-opening of the Carlton Avenue Bridge, Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue will be returned to a two-way for the full-length of the block.

These measures have had to last longer than anticipated because the Carlton Avenue Bridge, originally anticipated to be closed for two years, will have been closed for four and a half years if it opens on the current schedule. They were restored because a community member raised the issue with NYCDOT. Although NYCDOT approves MPT measures associated with Atlantic Yards, it is FCRC's contractors who install and maintain them.
Click through for more, including information on how removed barries let trucks idle and the use of the barriers as trash containers.